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Simply the EASIEST-TO-USE Project Control Software... Period.

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THE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER™ is a database driven Project Control Software that is geared toward Saving Time, Reducing Stress and Maximizing Profits. Here’s how TCPM™ can Benefit You…

Increase Productivity  The Construction Project Manager

TCPM™ Dramatically reduces the time required by the project team to manage project control and correspondence so that more time can be devoted to customer service, sales, estimating, scheduling and project management. 

TCPM™ assists Project Managers in effectively delegating more responsibilities to Project Administrative Assistants, allowing concurrent management of several projects while providing increased project control.

Create Consistency  The Construction Project Manager

TCPM™ provides project management procedures that create consistency, thereby establishing a more professional company image to Customers, Employees, Architect's, Vendors, and Subcontractor's.

Establish a "Pro-active" Management Position  The Construction Project Manager

TCPM™creates a pro-active management position by assisting in project pre-planning and providing tracking methods for all outstanding project issues.

Training New Employees   The Construction Project Manager

TCPM™ provides a project management system that trains new employees efficiently and effectively by establishing procedures that guide them smoothly through the training process.

Improve Communication/Total Quality Management  

TCPM™ provides project information and reports that improve internal and external communications and support a Total Quality Management program.  Provide information that clearly communicates expectations to Subcontractors, Vendors, Architects, Engineers, Owners, and Employees.

Increase Profitability and Competitive Advantage  The Construction Project Manager

   TCPM™ reduces overhead expenses by increasing productivity

   TCPM™ improves loss control by increasing project control and resolving cost issues in a timely and efficient manner.

   TCPM™ prevents project delays by improving control over such items as Submittals, Change Orders, Requests For Information as well as all other project information.

   TCPM™ documents delays so that appropriate action can be taken.